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Lewa | One Hell of a Trio
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One Hell of a Trio

One hell of a trio

Game created at Global Game Jam 2016 on theme  »Ritual »



Action ! Cooperation ! Treason ! Particles ! — Three summoners cooperate and perform a series of rituals to reach then invoke the Lord of Hell himself. Cooperate with two friends to use the right incantation, stand on runes to activate them, run around your partners in crime, and… sacrifice some stray cat in your summoning circle ? Beware the meeting with the Lord of Hell…



They are 5 floors in a game.

3 players must play their actions in a good time to open a gate to a another floor.

In a final floor, the gameplay change: each player must achieve their ritual individually.


3 C:

Camera: Top screen

Characters: 3 players who can play along and have the same behavior. Each character is a player.

Controlls: 3 players in the same time on the screen. And the same keyboards.

Q/T/( activate: Book

E/U/) activate: Magic wand

Q+E/T+U/(+) activate: Pray

WASD/YGHJ/Directionals key: Move characters

Have a fun!